Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bases Loaded!!

Aaaaaargh!!! Bases loaded!!! I'm starting to get turned off by bases loaded situations because it just means DISAPPOINTMENT.

On to other things, though.

Kluber, not so good.

Kipnis, hurt.

Santana!!! He went 2 for 4 with his 3rd homer and 3 RBI! What what what???
All right!
Both Brantley and Cabrera snapped double-digit no-hit streaks tonight. Brantley went 1 for 3 with a double and an RBI and Asdrubal went 3 for 4!! Wahoo!

But like...what's with the no-hit streaks, guys?

Giambi was in tonight and he is still batting .000. And he struck out twice. However, he did almost put one over the wall which made Tom Hamilton super excited. But you know...horseshoes and hand granades.

Mike Aviles stepped in when Kipnis got hurt, and ended up going 2 for 2. That's some Goon Squad shit right there. He's hitting .255....just like Brantley.

So the team actually got a lot of hits today but they left a lot of dudes on base. And then the starter AND the bullpen gave up too many runs - the Angels out-hit us 12-10. Everything is bad, man. Everything.

Tomorrow is a weird one, in that it's at 7:05 Eastern but being played in Anaheim. I guess 4:05 games aren't unheard of. It'll be our man McAllister versus a LHP with a similar ERA so that's cool. Another fair shot to win at least ONE game on this road trip.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"With these winds at Angel Park, a hot dog wrapper has a chance to end up in Honolulu by morning."
- Tom Hamilton

"You have to have a gameplan when you go to the plate. You also have the ability to not panic..."
- Tom Hamilton

"I know beer makes you brave, but that one is going to send that guy to the doctor."
- Tom Hamilton on a fan trying to catch a liner

"We saw him in Studio City...Keifer Sutherland. You'd be surprised how small he is. And he's saving the world!"
- Tom Hamilton

"Sometimes this replay review leaves you with more questions than answers."
- Tom Hamilton

"This club's not playing well in any facet, Rosie."
- Tom Hamilton

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