Thursday, April 24, 2014

Corey Kluber, All Day Long!

Done and done.
Complete game! Eleven strikeouts! No Walks! No earned runs! Two hours and fifteen minutes, 101 pitches. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

It was Kluber's first complete game in the majors, by the way. He was cold as a carp talking with the radio guys afterwards too. Oh, Klube!

After Masterson's quality start yesterday, are you feeling stoked about starting pitching right now? I know we've got a coupla goobers in the rotation still but there's a new goober in Columbus ready to take someone's place if they don't show up. But now we've got 3 guys who seem to be in control - and a bullpen worthy of follow-up.

A bullpen with a full day's rest now, of course!

What's even cooler is that the Tribe bowled over Bruce Chen, who I think I'd heard was 7-3 against the Tribe. They got more runs than needed for the win, and had some great situational hitting and only left TWO on base!

The Tribe got a series win, too. It's just a fun game all around!

Asdrubal was the leadoff today. Not sure if Bourn just doesn't bat against lefties or if he needed an old man day off. But Asdrubal had it taken care of in that top spot, going 2 for 4 with his 6th double of the year. His double was a 2-run dealy. His average is creeping up to respectable. Go go go!

Dick Swisher went 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts, and an error that allowed the Royals' only run. His face is still the face you see all over though. How awesome must it be to be him?

Kipnis is slow to heat up still but at least he got his 6th double of the year today. Even SANTANA got a hit - a double!- and came in to score!

Michael Brantley (.296), 1 for 3 today with a run scored, and yet another outfield assist. You just make life worth living.
I know.
Raburn was the DH today. He went 1 for 2 with a walk, and came in to score.

Gomes and Murphy both went 1 for 3. Murphy had another clutch hit that was a 2-run single, giving him 17 RBI on the year, which isn't bad for 62 at-bats. It puts him in the top 10 in the league! (Brantley leads the team with 19, and it 5th in the league to Murphy's 7th).

Aviles was 0-2 today, but he was still getting stuff done just like last year. He had a sacrifice bunt that helped 2 runners to score on the next hit.

Kluber deadpanned that his next step after this great win is "a long plane ride," alluding to the fact that the team is now on its way to San Francisco to face the Giants. Let's hope he sits next to Carrasco and tells him everything he knows about being a stud!

So it'll be Carrasco versus RHP 2.40 tomorrow at 10:05. Make sure you nap first!

No Radio Chatter today - it was a WORK day. You should have been listening on the radio, anyway.

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