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For someone who really loves sports, I seem to know a lot of people who don't like sports. While they can't understand what the appeal is, I can't understand how you can't understand the appeal. I mean, you understand the appeal of game shows right? How about soap operas? Long-running dramas? Well that's all available in sports too. It's what we like.

Thinking about Masterson's performance today made me think of the "soap opera" analogy I like to tell people. Because instead of just blowing it off as a bad outing, I'm now wondering how his so-far-not-yet-signed standing played on today's game. It could just be a bad outing. It could be a precursor to a bad season which is why they didn't sign him. Is it a precursor to a bad CAREER? Do they know something we don't? Or perhaps is it Justin reacting to all the hoopla over Kipnis' 6-year deal, on the heels of Gomes' deal.

Actually, all this intrigue is why I don't like soap operas haha! I have a hard time following all the story lines and the mis-directions.

Like, maybe this is Justin Masterson's less-good twin?

Anyway all you can really do in the end is hope that this was a singularity and Masty will continue on as expected.

Masterson gave up 6 runs in 3 2/3 innings today, by the way. He only struck out 4. He also hit two guys, sending one out of the game.

Today's bullpen rockstars were Atchison, Shaw and Zep who all still have 0.00 ERAs. They threw 3 2/3 innings between them and gave up 3 hits. I bet they didn't think they'd be throwing today!

Blake Wood was caught completely unaware, it seems. He must not believe Masterson can require a team of relievers. Joke's on you, Blakey! He went 2/3 of an inning giving up 3 runs on 2 walks, a hit and a hit batsman. Who is this Chris Colabello guy, anyway? (3-run double off Wood, he's got 9 hits and 11 RBI in his first 6 games. Never heard of him!)
But I've heard of the Three Caballeros!
John Axford came out not really for the save, but for the work. And then he gave up a run so that was not very cool. Chris Perez pitched in LA today. A strikeout to end the 8th. Hrmph.

The Indians got 15 hits today. What do you think about that? Someone on Twitter was nice enough to point out that we should all just calm down - the Tribe won't be losing too many 15-hit games. Nice sentiment. Very truth.

Problem is they did leave 12 guys stranded today. So yay for hits but boo for lack of key hits. They went through this a lot in 2012 and are kind of running in to it again. I hope it isn't a trend re-visited.

Nyjer Morgan is still getting his job done at leadoff, walking twice today and coming in to score once. They had Asdrubal come in to pinch for him in the 9th (Asdrubal had the day off) and he whiffed so that was not fun at all.

Nick Swisher went 2 for 4 with a walk.

Kipnis was back to feeling it today! He got a nice 3-run double, identifying the problem of leaving too many men on base and coming through with a solution! He went 2 for 5 today with NO strikeouts.

Carlos Santana was proving his worth more today, going 2 for 3 with 2 walks and no strikeouts himself. In fact, in the long 4-hour game where everyone had 5 at-bats, the team only struck out 4 times. No one really had that bad of a day. Santana's average is staying up there, .316.

Speaking of up there - Brantley ramped it up again today going 3 for 5! Now batting .375 himself!

But what of the Chiz Kid? Man I couldn't be happier that he is standing his ground and proving himself to be worthy of a roster spot. Five hits and 4 runs scored in just 4 games, with 3 of his hits being doubles. Batting .455. Awesome!

Yan Gomes had a sort of a rough day. He went 1 for 5 and while his one hit was a 2-run homer (sweet!) he did leave 5 guys stranded. But you know, In Yan We Trust.

David Murphy, on the other hand - Hey! He plays for our team! He had a terrific day going 4 for 5 with an RBI and two doubles, leaving no one on base. Hmm, let's see what we can learn about David Murply today. According to Wikipedia, he is very Christian and does not swear. Interesting, I suppose. I do think our team leans religious.

Aviles was in today at short. He didn't really have a stand out day, going 0 for 5 and leaving 4 on base.

Seems like the Tribe still has a lot of bugs to work out in order to get to where they should be. Starting pitching is surprisingly bad. Batting has its ups and downs. The heart of the order does look solid, and both Morgan and the top and Chiz and Gomes at the bottom are making solid contributions. Aviles and Asdrubal both need to step it up, and the entire team needs to stop stranding so many guys on base.

But, it's early. And also you know Francona is telling everyone these very things.

So, let's hope it's a better week! The PADRES are coming to town this week. Ha! (The headline is "Scuffling Padres hitters meet struggling Tribe hurlers" so that's awesome...)

It'll be Carrasco versus their #5 starter, an LHP. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"The Indians would like to see what it feels like to play with a lead."
- Tom Hamilton

"What an odd start to this game. There's absolutely no feel to this game at all. It's sort of like Bizarro World."
- Tom Hamilton in the 3rd inning

"It's not like Ricky Nolasco looks like Ricky Vaughn today. He is imminently hittable."
- Tom Hamilton

"[Minnesota's dairy is] not like Wisconsin. There's too many lakes in Minnesota. Cows fall in."
- Tom Hamilton is from Wisconsin

"The way it feels at the ballpark right now, they must be ice fishing on Lake Erie."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Indians get Duke von Schamann. Sounds like royalty doesn't it?"
- Tom Hamilton on the Tribe's new acquisition

"At the pace of this game, this could become a day/night double header."
- Tom Hamilton

"Plouffe coming down from third base started to slide, then decided to come in standing, then once he crossed the plate he slid. I don't think I've ever seen that before! ... That looked like the little boy who said 'I'm going to get my uniform dirty no matter what.'"
- Tom Hamilton

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