Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where You Been?

Where have I been? Cleaning up. Napping. Hustlin'. I didn't make it to the game Friday as my date couldn't find a babysitter so we hung out at home instead. When I turned on the radio as I left to go get warmer clothes, and found the game to be 11-1, I was glad I stayed in the suburbs. And then Saturday's game was a bummer, and Sunday's game was a "OMG not this again!" super bummer....eh, I just couldn't muster up the positive for last weekend.

I'm starting this blog post today (Monday) before the end of the game, because whether or not the Tribe wins, it's a good game. It's even (literally - it's 4-4 now, and figuratively). Pitching is tight against this gigantic lineup. Our offense is good. No errors. It's good baseball.

This is the team I expect to see on the field every day. Not the one that won 15-4 the other day, nor the one that lost 13-3. I can write a positive blog post about a team that loses 5-4 or wins 5-4. I can write a positive post about 15 hits and no errors. I can write one about 2-1!

Don't think that if I don't write a post I'm not listening to the game. I'm always listening to the game.

While I was listening just now, Michael Brantley won the game with a 10th inning, 2-out walkoff homer. That's why you always keep listening!

Michael Brantley ended it but it wasn't just him who won it. Corey Kluber, for instance, had another amazing game. He was all over these Tigers, with 8 strikeouts over 7 innings of work. Just 3 earned runs, and a solo homer by Victor Martinez. *genuflect* He only threw 94 pitches and I'm sure he wanted to come out for 8 but you don't want to short out your Klubot. No sir.

Next was Bryan Shaw who got the hold, and Cody Allen who...blew a save? You take that back, official scorer! Cody Allen does not blow saves! Well, he did give up a homer to a dude who was pinch hitting and got his first major league homer. But somehow...this is not Cody Allen's fault!

Scott "Groundskeeper" Atchison came in and on 8 pitches 1-2-3'd Miggy, Victor and Don Kelly...
This Don Kelly
... so while we're all congratulating Kluber and Brantley, don't you forget old Scott Atchison!

Almost everybody hit today, except for Santana in the 5-hole and Aviles at the end. But Santana did get on base with a walk (like a boss).

Michael Bourn got a hit tonight, and while he went 1 for 6, his one hit was significant - he's got an abysmal record versus lefties and pitcher Drew Smyly has an amazing one. Bourn got just the 3rd hit off Smyly by a lefty this year. The second was earlier in the game, Michael Brantley, natch. Otherwise, Bourn had a sort of crappy night, striking out twice.

Asdrubal was back batting second, like he was in 2011 and 2012. It looked good on him! He went 2 for 6 with his 12th double, and came in to score on a wild pitch.

Michael Brantley (.292) is amazing. He's just so awesome. Don't you love him? He got that homer, and also had a double and a walk. And he looks good in a fedora.
Oh man, he is so so good. So good.

In Francona's shaken-up lineup (finally!) Raburn is the cleanup hitter. As good as anyone, I say! In fact, better than Santana as he went 2 for 3, with 2 hits, 2 walks and a run scored. Not some big power night for him at all when was the last time Santana did that with any consistency?

Santana was 5th, by the way. With his walk. He left 7 men on base.

Yan Gomes had a heck of a night! He went 3 for 4 with a walk. Dayum! And no errors, to boot.

Nick Swisher is still on this team. Bumped down to 7th.

Jesus Aguilar!!!!! Finally, what we've all heard about from the minors has blown through to the majors! Okay, okay. He just went 1 for 3 but he had 2 RBI, with a single and a sac fly. But more importantly, did you know he was humongous? I saw him in the video of the end-of-the-game handshake and he is, like, Miggy-sized! 6'3", 250 lbs. Wow, I hope we're grooming him for DH!
Note he is further from the camera than Francona!
Lonnie Baseball came in to pinch for him in the 9th and he kept the game alive with a hit. Unfortunately, Mike Aviles left the game tied in the 9th with a GIDP. The reign of Handsome Mike is over. For now.

Real pitching, real hitting, real fielding. I love it! They only won by 1 but the goal here is to #BeatDetroit, right? And to just keep playing good baseball!

So this is one game that could be a turning point. We've got to hope that it's the case!

Tomorrow's game is going to be AWESOME because it'll be Trevor Bauer versus Justin Verlander. Are you excited about Johnny Football? Wait til you see Trevor Baseball! I bet that guy is drinking SO MUCH Red Bull tomorrow trying to get PUMPED for this game. Go get 'em, BauerOutage!!

See you there! (After my niece's preschool graduation, I guess. That is a thing.)

Sorry no Radio Chatter. I wasn't into writing down stuff today. Hammy did call Twitter "The work of the devil" and said that Rosie was a "Tweeter." Haha! Anyway, here are links for your ears:

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So much thanks to John at Tom Hamilton Has The Best Home Run Call In All Of Baseball because he is a total mensch. He brings the world as much Hammy as possible.

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