Saturday, May 10, 2014

Momentary Lapse of Awesome

All that excitement from yesterday - great starting pitching, great hitting - came to a screeching halt in today's game. The starter didn't make it out of the 5th and the team only got 3 hits and one run in total. Two of the hits and the run didn't come until the 9th!

ZMac just didn't have a good outing. He gave up 5 earned runs. Ok, that happens. The offense should be able to pick you up on those days. They didn't. And the bullpen should be able to save things for you. They couldn't.

Lee came in for long relief halfway through the fifth, and did go 1 2/3 scoreless innings. Then Josh Outman appeared and strangely gave up 2 more runs! Carlos Carrasco finished out the game for an inning and 2/3 and didn't give up any runs. Cool.

John Axford is done closing for now, by the way. Whew! It'll be closing by committee which is totally fine by me. Mariano is gone and there won't be another.

Nobody was hitting. Just Ryan Raburn who got a double. A few guys got on with walks, and nobody hit them in. Unreal.
Michael Brantley (.287) did get a single in the 9th. And Lonnie Baseball came in to not only pinch hit for Swisher but also play first base (YES!) and he got a hit too.
Asdrubal's fire was temporarily snuffed out today.  Hoping it returns in full tomorrow.

That's it. No more to say about this game. We'll see you tomorrow at 1:40 for the absolutely exciting return return of Josh Tomlin! He'll face RHP 4.91.

I was totally running all over today during the game so I didn't get any Radio Chatter. I was lucky enough to hear most of the game! But I'm sorry I missed getting you some quotes because Tom Hamilton just does not ever have anything good to say about Florida and it is hilarious. Today he was telling people not to come to Tropicana Field if they like to visit ballparks, because it sucks. He says that since there's no basketball team in the area, they crank the music as loud as they can to create a basketball-like atmosphere where you can't talk to your neighbor. Also he had a long rant about the DJ Kitty hat for tonight's giveaway (which drew 29,000 fans) and yesterday he ranted about DJ Kitty himself. I think he hates Florida more than he hates Minnesota!
What's so bad about a DJ Kitty hat, man??

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