Saturday, May 3, 2014

Everybody, Take a Seat

Kipnis is on the bench with a muscle strain. Now Bourn is on the bench with his hamstring acting up again. Giambi is just like...old? Gomes and wife had their baby yesterday so he's having a sit-down too. After a long cold April you wonder how we made it through with no injuries but all of a sudden they are not only having to make replacements mid-game, but they did some shuffling around of the roster. Josh Tomlin is IN, speedy little Jose Ramirez is IN, Elliot Johnson is OUT and hey! It's Nick Hagadone!

The guys who did manage to play today had an all-right game. "All right" because while they won it wasn't too convincing of a win. Two un-earned runs off 5 hits, and 2 errors in the field. Luckilly, the White Sox matched us error-for-error. They had some super-nice plays to match ours, too!

Justin Masterson was on the hill as it happens, as he is not a stranger to lack of run support. Dude finally had himself a second long game, going 7 1/3 innings. That's the second time in a row he's gone that long, and he hadn't gotten too many innings in his other games this year. "Only" 6 strikeouts - and I say "only" because I know he's got the power to get more. But only 4 hits and 1 strike so I'd say that was classic "ace" stuff. Real Masty!

Cody Allen gave up a hit. Whaat? Tom Hamilton called him "The best set-up man." Awww...Vinnie :( But yep, Cody Allen got the second out in the 8th with a man on second, then there was the question of whether to walk Abreu to face Dunn or what. Cody Allen answered that with a resounding STRIKE OUT. BOOM!

Did you know that the rally chicken is back? Well maybe not THE rally chicken but A rally chicken made a visit. In fact, TWO of them did.
Original recipe, from 2013
Extra crispy (from Friday)

Being that Abreu was done with, Axford came in for a very closer-like 9th inning, getting them out 1-2-3. Did you see the guys' bowling team picture from Monday?
Masterson, Allen, Outman and Axford. Ooh la la!
So who hit today? Only 5 guys, no multi-hit for anyone, and only one extra base. But you know what? NO STRIKEOUTS, MAN! How often does that happen?

That's super positive, even if the guys are bangin' the ball around like they did yesterday.

Bourn got a hit in his 2 at-bats, before he left with a sore hamstring. That means 16 hits in 16 games for him so far this year! I worry about that hamstring, though...that's an important part of a baseball player and all, especially an outfielder, a leadoff man and the guy who should be leading the team in steals. Mike Aviles came in to replace him, because he's a stud and can play ANYWHERE.

Stupid Swisher didn't get a hit today, but he was getting stuff done. Grumble. He got a walk, and later got a sac fly for a run. And he also had an un-assisted double play at first where he caught the ball with bases loaded and one out, then got to the bag before the dude who took off for second could return. Good but, whatever.

Brantley (.271) was shuffled up to the third slot today, because he can hit from anywhere. And he did, going 1 for 4.

Santana didn't hit today, and he didn't walk either. Neither did David Murphy but he had a sweet catch in the outfield. And Santana caught a guy stealing! Huh!

The Chiz Kid was at #5 today. How awesome is Brantley-Santana-Chisenhall if they are all hitting??? Brantley is usually hitting, Chiz is always hitting and Santana is hitting right now so uh well like, forget about today's game but think of how awesome it COULD be!! All of those doubles and goodness.

Chisenhall started off the second with a double, then had some good baserunning to get himself to third on a flyout, and had no trouble scoring on an error at third. He's always makin' stuff happen!

Asdrubal is keeping up, not being too bad or too good, going 1 for 2 today. He's at least staying out of the .100s with a .226 average.

Do you remember Jose Ramirez? He came up last year for a bit, and did a lot of running out hits and stuff. He's coming from Columbus with a .319 average, 17 RBI and 8 steals. I think he's gonna be fun! Today he went 1 for 3 with a bunt that he totally turned in to a single. Right?!

I'll be at the game tomorrow, but without OMG ASDRUBAL!!! because I never made a new one and uhm...well, it's not time yet? I need some kind of revolving sign, so I can cheer for all of the guys. All of them but Swisher ha ha!

First game of the year, because I'm totally not going to sit out there when it's cold. Or too hot, really. Ooooh I'm gonna bring my broom!

Sad 'ol broom.
Tomorrow is 1:05, with the return of Kluber versus RHP 4.05. Easy peasy, right?

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Like the IRS, they pop up out of nowhere."
- Tom Hamilton's take on recurring hamstring injuries

"Take the glove, take the ball, let's just hope it all stays in there."
- Tom Hamilton on Abreu's play at first

"Hot dog wrappers flying everywhere. The top of an Orel Hershiser bobble head just went floating by."
- Tom Hamilton

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