Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Josh Tomlin Will Save Us All

Hey, Josh Tomlin is back! He was a big part of our 2012 rotation and then he got bit by the shoulder bug and he missed the end of 2012 and all of 2013 with the Tommy John. Lots of rehab and lots of Columbus later (Carlos Carrasco got his spot in the rotation this spring. OOPS!) he is now back with the club pitching like he never left!

He didn't have an outstanding outing and there wasn't anything too memorable about it but it seemed very special to have him back and to be throwing so well. It was a quality start, with 6 2/3 innings where he gave up 4 hits resulting in 1 run, and struck out 4. No extra bases off him, no hit batsmen and only one walk. Dang - some of the other guys have hardly had a game like that and it's already May!

I was quite curious about Tomlin's hair today - facial and otherwise. Sometimes he's got some crazy mustache going, or long curly locks, or sometimes he just looks like Joe Baseball. I can only find the one photo so far, in the official MLB photos for the game and wow - he's got some hair going on! Yeah yeah all of your television people are completely over it by now but those of us with only radio access get off on the visual suspense!

Zep finished off the 7th, and then Scott Atchison came in for the 8th. Atchison struck out 2 and zipped out of his inning in 19 pitches. Bryan Shaw came out for the 9th and...gave up a run! Noooooo! What's up with that? The bad, it's catching. But anyway, the Tribe had set them up with enough runs early in the game that giving up a run in the 9th was no big deal. Tribe wins!

The first two innings were SUPER fun! Five hits and 4 runs, including an un-earned run on an error "through the wickets." Or rather, "Buckner!" This was for the Tribe, by the way. They were the ones getting hits and scoring runs.

But then it was pretty boring after that. Tomlin kept the Twins quiet but other than a hit and 2 walks, that was it for the Tribe lineup.

The early excitement came from a double by Swisher, followed by an RBI single by Brantley (.269). David Murphy came up and hit that "Buckner" to right field, allowing Brantley to score from first. We'll take it!

In the second, Chisenhall kept it going with a single, and was again in the middle of things when Deduno balked, sending him to second. It was a good place to be when Gomes came up and doubled to center! Gomes made it to third on a ground-out, and then Swisher got him in with a single.

And that's about the long and short of it. Murphy got an infield single, and both Brantley and Chiz walked. Ryan Raburn, who is not being very Goon-y this year, came in to pinch for Morgan and he hit a really long ball but not long enough.

Another error for Gomes, and another for Asdrubal. 33 errors in 33 games. Huh. Is no good.

Here is a man in a funny baseball hat.
Tomorrow is a NOON game so make sure you tune in! It'll be the rubber match in the series, with Masterson versus RHP 6.09. All Masty really needs is 1 or 2 runs to win. They can give him that right?

I don't have any Radio Chatter for tonight, although there were some funny moments. They came when I was washing dishes and taking a shower, though. Gah. But good news! I have some left over from yesterday's game, which didn't deserve a blog post. Lucky you!

Radio Chatter:
"I just saw Rudolph poke his nose out."
- Tom Hamilton on the weather

"After all, it's 'Go play baseball' not 'Go work baseball.'"
- Tom Hamilton on why you should always smile when you show up at the ballpark

"Boy I got up this morning thinking 'I hope Hammy quotes JJ Evans today.'"
- Jim Rosenhaus

"If you keep tipping your cap, you'll get tendinitis in your elbow."
- Tom Hamilton on how the offense needs to step up

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