Friday, April 5, 2013

Post Hiatus - Keep Listening!

Hey y'all - Sorry I got everyone pumped up about the opening game then flaked out for two games in a row. I have been busy dealing with the passing of my grandpa (who was absolutely a Tribe fan!) and it's taking more out of me than I thought, time-wise.

I would have loved more than anything to cover Thursday's game - what a whale of a game! And ALMOST everyone hit! - but we only lose grandpa once so I had to make the call to be with my family (watching out of the corner of my eye) instead.

Friday I'm going to catch the Rays' game with my aunt and uncle from Arizona, on the television (no, we're not the Waltons...well, kinda) and I'll come back and do a blog post sans Radio Chatter. Saturday's post will be late but SUNDAY - I'll be back in business Sunday and of course Monday is The Big Show!

Love and Kipneses,

- JJ

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