Friday, April 19, 2013

Do Not Want

I'm tired, boffins. Not only have I been working late nights and now I have a cold, these baseball games are simply exhausting. Nothing happens, but you gotta stick it out for 9 innings in case something does happen. Because in baseball, something can happen. But nothing ever does.

There wasn't even a slugfest tonight, on either side. Two crummy pitchers and two crummy lineups resulted in a crummy mediocre score of 3-2 Houston.

I wish I could have seen this game on TV - the Houston jerseys would have been the most exciting part of the game.
At least those jerseys are on fire!
Myers, Allen, Hill. Yawn yawn yawn. Joe Smith was back tonight and he looked a lot better than he did on Wednesday night, throwing 13 pitches and striking out 2.

Jason Kipnis was back tonight. He went 2 for 4, doubling his hit count for the season. No joke! He also stole a base, raising his SB total by 100%.

Asdrual and Swisher both went 1 for 3 with a walk. But no runs, no RBI. Both of their hits were doubles, so that's cool. Doesn't make Asdrubal's average any better than a single but whatever. Yay hit.

Mark Reynolds is still impressive! He went 2 for 3 today with two singles and a walk. I was telling my friend the other night that Reynolds doesn't get hits - he just gets home runs. They were saying something on the radio about that tonight too. He's got 12 hits and 5 of them have been homers, 4 doubles and only 3 singles.

Reynolds was on base when Chiz came up and got his second home run of the year. BOOM!

Drew Stubbs, who is going to hit between .200 and .250 no matter how the team does, it seems, went 1 for 4 tonight because that's how Drew Stubbs go.

And that's it. That's all for tonight's game. I at least stayed awake during the entire game today, unlike last night where I admit I fell asleep for a few innings.

I think Meryl Masterson commented on an old blog post the other day, one from August 4, 2012 where I talk a bit about her cookies. What do you think - is it her? I'd love to do a taste test of her cookies for y'all but I don't think I can afford the cookies + shipping. Plus, what if they're bad? The last family in Cleveland I'd want to piss off is the Mastersons. They're holding this town together! But then again what the hell am I saying? I've never met a cookie I didn't like. And Tony Sipp loves those cookies and I trust him.

Anyway, that's a nice thought to end this tragedy of a baseball game. Cookies made with love by Meryl Masterson.
Such a pretty cookie.
Ok, we're back in Houston again tomorrow night, this time at 7:10 for some reason (even though it's the Central Time Zone). It'll be the return of Scott Kazmir versus RHP 2.89. That's great - 2.89 runs. Just about what we're expected to get.

Oh well. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Whoever designed these uniforms really likes Halloween. [...] They're like softball uniforms."
- Tom Hamilton on the Houston uniforms

"Looking at the people here you'd say 'Oh my, it must be 40 degrees!'"
- Tom Hamilton thinks the Houston crowd is freeze babies

"We're talking about the Houston Astros. If this is a lineup you can't dominiate, you've got more problems than that. There's a reason this team is expected to lose over 100 games this season."
- Tom Hamilton

"You can't win in the American League scoring 3 runs a game."
- Tom Hamilton

"You don't need to do a whole lot right now to beat the Houston Astros."
- Jim Rosenhaus

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