Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clutch No-Go

I was really looking forward to this game today! Yesterday I had my day all planned out around the game and...nothing. Darn weather! So it was nice that I didn't have to wait another 24 hours to get in a game. Except now this game was a bummer and there's no game tomorrow and Friday's game is not until 8:10 so I'm going to be waiting forever for more!

The Tribe ended its winning streak at 3 today, and it was no doubt due to poor hitting. Not getting on base and then when they did get on base, they couldn't follow it up.

Zach McAllister was the starter and he wasn't stellar. Not horrible but he only went 5 2/3 and gave up 3 runs. They were comparing him to Masterson's last two starts which also weren't "crisp" and he struggled too much to get his pitches thrown. He walked 5.

Hill, Shaw, Hagadone and Smith finished out the game. They only walked 1 between them and gave up no hits and no runs. That was pretty good and Francona was smart to be so strategic about relievers (nobody pitched a full 3 outs) but DANGIT! Why can't the offense score more runs?!

Say hey, Michael Brantley! He had the best day of anyone, going 2 for 4 a run. It's a 4-game hitting streak for him! Michael Bourn is getting his stitches out soon...not sure what that means.

Kipnis got a hit and an RBI today! Only his second hit with RISP this year. He also stole two bases. Unfortunately he didn't get to score after that because we're not playing that sort of baseball this year, He also made a sweet play in the field, which is nice to see because I forgot we had an awesome infield!

Mark Reynolds continues to be awesome. Impressive. Useful. Surprising. He went 1 for 3 today with an RBI double. Mark Reynolds!

Mike Aviles was in and he got a hit. He's in for Asdrubal who has some sort of muscle soreness somewhere. Nice when guys can take off at the first sign of trouble to avoid further injury. Thanks Mike Aviles!

In other news, Lou Marson is back and Yan Gomes is in Akron. I love me some Sweet Lou but boy was Yan Gomes endearing. Wasn't he? I don't think we got to see him enough to know whether or not we're really getting the short end of the stick with Marson but he was fairly glittery while he was here.

In other other news, I am totally over this season's radio commercials already. I say this every year but this year I am super over it. There are not one but THREE commercials from Progressive with Flo singing. They are awful. I don't even care that her singing is bad really (that's part of her charm! Hur!) but it's just not friggin FAIR to have that many singing commercials! Doesn't anyone realize that we hear these commercials 18 times per game?! HOLY SMOKES!

Help me.

Tomorrow is an off day and then we're in Kansas City on Friday at 8:10. It'll be Scott Kazmir against RHP 2.48 and let me just say our bats need to be out that night, for real.

I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"The key here is to get out of town before this White Sox team finds it's legs offensively."
- Tom Hamilton

"I'm guessing this guy has to be single. There's no way that guy's wife let him leave the house like that today and said 'This looks good on you.'"
- Tom Hamilton on a Superman-costumed White Sox fan

"That's the kind of Superman outfit that if you took it home and gave it to Nate for Halloween, he'd say 'Dad I don't think I'm going to go trick-or-treating this year.'"
- Tom Hamilton on Superman


  1. Thanks for the recap -- somehow I got busy doing actual work this afternoon and forgot to tune in -- but no thanks for the horrible ear worm! Now I can't stop hearing Flo singing the stupid commercial. Urgh. I will take a potato chip or lawn mower commercial over the insurance ads any day of the week, although those get pretty monotonous as well.

    1. Life on the radio side of baseball is rough. The same handful of commercials all evening, every day...they really need to keep in mind that we hear the same commercials so much. I seriously am considering writing to their ad buyer...

      Well, I will say one thing - so far there have been no awful cigar store commercials. Those were just plain CREEPY.