Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carlos Carrasco, Your Reputation Precedes You

Boy what a bummer of a game! A score of 14 to 1? I would wager to guess that not even the Yankees saw this one coming in what is considered by many to be an "off year" for them.

We'd like to blame all this on Carrasco and Myers' pitching but no way...I mean, the 14 runs and 5 home runs were all them, no doubt but it's not like the other side of the equation was the Tribe hitting for 13 runs. They didn't even get 10 hits.

It's pretty weird that the Indians are hitting and scoring in spurts. I don't know how much it has to do with the strength of opposing pitchers (no problem with David Price) or the weakness of our bats. But our bats aren't weak...all the time.

I just don't know.

First off though, Carlos Carrasco is back! In case you forgot, in 2011 he gave up a homer then threw at Billy Butler and was ejected. Then he went on the DL and had surgery so he didn't qualify to serve his suspension until he was healthy. He took those 5 days at the beginning of this season. I'm not exactly sure if he was to be part of the opening rotation or if he just happens to be part of it now because Kazmir is hurt but he is here now.

Except today he gave up a home run then threw at Kevin Youklis, at which point we all went "Heh..." and the umpire said "Yer outta here!" and Terry Francona said "Really?" and the umpire said "SRSLY!"

Carrasco had given up 7 runs by then, in the middle of the 4th inning.

For some reason 4th starter Brett Myers was hanging around the bullpen, sort of suspicious-like. Speculation is that they think he might miss his chance to pitch tomorrow if the weather is bad so they planned to throw him out there in relief anyway, since Carrasco clearly was not having an easy time anyway, and also since we seem to need relievers as our starters are uh...ineffective.

So Myers came in and he gave up 7 more runs. The end. At least we didn't use up any relievers?

Hmm what else happened? Oh yeah - we've got a glut of catchers overnight. Lou Marson must not have felt as good as he let on yesterday and he's on the 15-Day DL. Santana is day-to-day with his thumb contusion. Ryan Raburn I guess is not really our 3rd string catcher, so they brought up Yan Gomes and Omir Santos until further notice. They actually both played today - Gomes can play first base. And we saw a lot of both of them in spring training being that Santana was at the WBC.

Neither of them got a hit.

Drew Stubbs was leadoff tonight, with Michael Bourn having his first night off of the season. Stubbs picked up where Bourn left off and went 2 for 4 with a double!

Asdrubal still isn't doing much but he did pop his second homer off the season off Andy Pettitte! The batting average climbed 30 points!

Chisenhall came in to bat for Asdrubal, which we can do now because of good ol' Mike Aviles who moved from 3rd to SS. The Chiz Kid went 1 for 1 but...yeah.

Swisher was looking good tonight, going 2 for 3. Is this the start of something for the top of the order? That'd be nice - and needed!

No one else hit today except Mike Aviles. So, good job Mike Aviles? He also got an error, though. His second on the year! But I won't mention it since A-Cab got his second of the year yesterday and I failed to mention that.

Tomorrow's another day, y'all. We've still got 154 games left! I have no idea who's starting tomorrow. I guess McAllister against RHP (7.71). Looks like we can score some mad runs off that guy, right? No sweep!

I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Believe it or not it wasn't CB Bucknor who had that blown call last night..."
- Tom Hamilton

"Then again, people who write about football are voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame, so who knows."
- Tom Hamilton on Andy Pettite's chances for the HOF

"Not a good sign when Lyle Overbay is hitting a home run off you, because he's not a home run hitter."
- Tom Hamilton

"Omir Santos must be saying 'I can't believe I'm in Cleveland!' He was signed February 9th to a minor league contract."
- Tom Hamilton

"Welp, these guys in the Yankee gray might not be paid as much as Jeter, Granderson, Teixeira and A-Rod, but they sure are swinging the bats like that quartet."
- Tom Hamilton

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