Thursday, August 8, 2013

Swept Away

So, the Tigers are just that good. Man, they are good! And they don't stop. They didn't seem tired or worn out or uninterested today. Nope, they were in it to win it - which I guess is a nod to the Indians because they felt they needed to keep the whole team in for the whole game to keep up with us. But really, 10-3...they coulda given Miggy a nap.

Oh so quick news rundown on "the business of baseball" in case you missed it...

1. Vinnie sent down to Columbus to make room for LHP Marc Rzepcyznski.
2. Ubaldo sent down to bring up Salazar and give Ubaldo a day off.
3. Kluber hurt his finger, just like McAllister had, so Ubaldo is back up.
4. Raburn signed to a 2-year contract.
5. Reynolds designated for assignment to make room for an 8th bullpen guy, RHP Preston Guilmet.

Zach McAllister didn't have such a good night. As goes Masterson so goes McAllister? Dude gave up 6 runs on just 4 hits (not home runs!) in 2 1/3 innings. Woah! He does give up runs usually but more like 2 or 3, over 5 or 7 innings. Today he was just beaten the heck up and beaten bad. Too many walks and too many Princes and Victors.

So, enter the new guy who they're like "Hey new guy, time for long relief against the best team in baseball!" Preston Guilmet had no choice but to go do that. He didn't fare much better than McAllister but we all figured he was either going to blow it or be surprisingly good. So I don't think anyone was surprised when he gave up 4 more runs in 2 2/3 innings. Hey, at least there were only 4 more innings to fill!

Next up was Albers who can do 2 innings, no problem. He managed to only give up 2 hits and no runs or walks. Then was our "whenever" guy, Zep, who pitched the 8th and kept up his scoreless streak with the Tribe. His ERA is under 6 now! How good does the rest of this pitching staff make Zep look, huh? Lucky dog.

Then for the 9th, something I love as much as plays at the plate, outfield assists and inside-the-park home runs - bringing in a position player to pitch!

And Ryan Raburn, at that! The guy who has gone 0-9 since they decided to extend his contract. The guy who used to play for the Tigers but hit a slump and the fans boo him when they see him. He pitched himself a 1-2-3 inning against the Tigers in the 9th!!

Here's him striking out Tuiasosopo:

I don't know why this has stuck with me, but Jamey Carroll did the same thing the other day against the Royals. A 1-2-3 inning for the Twins after they were getting routed 13-0.

It really warmed my heart, tho, seeing Raburn up there pitching against his old team. Ah, baseballl!

Here's some other fun stuff that happened tonight. Miggy tripped over third base. And then tips his cap to the crowd.
Prince thought it was hilarious:
Michael Bourn went hard after a ball even though it was 10-2. He landed on his nose:
See? Baseball is still fun!

Since everyone was having fun and clearly the pressure was off, Asdrubal took the opportunity to be awesome again and got his first (and second) RBI hits since July 26. Two RBI doubles, man!! OMG!!!

Too little too late but Asdrubal, Kipnis, Bourn and Brantley were the only guys who got hits. Kipnis also went 2 for 4 with a double and a single, and came around to score both runs.

Michael Brantley got a single in the 9th to score Kipnis because...right? I mean, Michael Brantley is NOT giving up. Also, he's got a hitting streak rolling at 5 now!

So that's it - those 4 guys, those 6 hits. Only 1 walk and surprisingly only 6 strikeouts. Stupid Max Scherzer gets his 17th win. Ugh - so good!

So now we're, like, a million games out of first but still gotta keep those Royals at bay. Still have a chance for one of the wild card spots, no doubt. I don't know if I could take the 1-game playoff situation...yeesh. Or the whole "every game tonight counts huge" situation like 2012. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it!

But, I need to calm down, there's still 7 weeks to go. Tomorrow the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim come to town and the Tribe will take out all of their 4-game-swept aggression out on those guys, right? Hey, we get to see Danny Salazar again soon! And maybe Ubaldo will be all happy to get his second (fifth?) chance and pitch like an ace.

You never know, guys!!

Tomorrow at 7:05 it'll be Kazmir versus RHP 2.90. Yikes, two good pitchers in a row! But don't forget this is the team that beat 10 out of 11 Cy Young Award winners so we got this.

Put this all behind you and see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"We didn't have to take intelligence tests to get this job. You could be as dumb as door nails like I am and still be up here."
- Tom Hamilton on being a sports announcer

"Doesn't matter how you get there.  Get there!"
- Tom Hamilton on October baseball

"I looked down and thought 'holy cow how many donuts did Santiago eat between innings?'"
- Tom Hamilton confuses Tuiasosopo with Santiago

"Why didn't he start this game??"
- Tom Hamilton on Raburn's 1-2-3 inning

"I don't think the Indians will shed a tear when the Tigers leave Progressive field tonight. They've seen enough of this juggernaut."
- Tom Hamilton

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