Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Detroit Goes To Eleven

Once again, this game can't be hung on one guy. Just like last night can't be hung on Perez, you can't hang this on Masterson.

Yes, he gave up 5 runs. But the Tribe hitters got just one. It was somewhat amazing that they got the one, being that they only got 4 hits (and one hit batsman). But also it seemed like 4 times they were about to get more. It never happened. Not sure if Verlander is too awesome or the Tribe offense just doesn't have it against a pitching staff like Detroit's.

Funny - last year they had it locked up. They really knew how to take care of Detroit. But Detroit is just...one better right now. They are up to eleven. Honestly guys....this is all Detroit's to lose.

I did notice that last night they were bunting at the hobbled Miguel Cabrera. And tonight Masterson "accidentally" caught Victor on the ankle with  pitch (cleverly disguised it with some "having control issues" earlier in the inning when he hit a guy batting .207). So, I dunno - are they going to take out another Tiger tomorrow? Unfortunately you can't exactly run over Prince Fielder at first (too big), or slide in to Torii Hunter at second (not at second). I say we throw Kipnis in the baseline next time Hunter is running for a double and just flatten him out.

Man, did you see that Don Kelly guy today?  He's hitting .458 against Justin Masterson. He must just scare Masty silly. Not only did he go 3 for 4 today but he got a 3-run dinger that basically ended the game.
Hmm...seems like I got lost in Tiger fever, there. How about our Tribe tonight?

Masterson did go 7 innings, so at least he was all man about it. And he got himself out of a SERIOUS bases-loaded jam with no outs in the 2nd. He struck out 6. But he gave up 5 runs in the 5th inning, and they were all on him (no errors). Sucks.

Marc Rzepcynzki (dangit - Rzepczynski!) is still perfect for us after 3 appearances. Cool.

Matt Albers pitched a hitless, scoreless 9th. Cool.

How about that Bourn?! Another 2-hit night, going 2 for 4 with a stolen base. Dude's finally starting to make up on his sort of slow start on base stealing this year.

It was Asdrubal who got the team's only extra-base hit - a double in the 2nd. He could have scored but he got caught in a rundown but, meh. It did get a runner to third.

Brantley got a hit in the 2nd too, to follow up Asdrubal's, and he was the guy who got on to third and eventually home to score our only run.

Scored by the hand of Raburn, of course!

Man, I just saw this pic on Cleveland.com, of Raburn chasing Kelly's 3-run homer. If you recall, Raburn used to play for Detroit and for some reason they hate him there. How much must this have sucked for Raburn?
From cleveland.com

So that's all. No hits, bad outing for Masterson. Ho hum.

Tomorrow is Danny Salazar, who is not scared...
He'll be facing uhm...some Tiger pitcher. It'll be at 7:05 and it's Dollar Dog Night I believe.

Man there is a shortage of hot dogs around here. I bought a ton of hot dogs for a party the other day and I thought I'd have a lot extra but I only had 5 left! They were so good. I boiled them. I bet if I got a hot dog roller, I'd have even more people at my parties.

Anyway, we forge ahead tomorrow! See you there!

Radio Chatter:
 "No time to feel sorry for yourself when you're facing Justin Verlander."
 - Tom Hamilton

 "You get the feeling that if the Indians don't do some damage here in the 6th, they're in a heap of trouble the rest of this game."
 - Tom Hamilton

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