Saturday, August 3, 2013

Speedy Delivery!

Today the name of the game was speed! Steal those bases, boys! Six of them today, which is the most for the team in one game this year. It was because of steals and double steals that we got 4 runs today and held on to the lead. It's what this team was built for - let's do it!

Here's Michael Bourn taking third on a wild pitch (I do believe that the official score has it as a steal...which is why reports are saying 5 stolen bases but I'm reading 6). It's pretty awesome because it's like he's just toodling around the bases and coming home like there's no ball in play. Zip zip zip!

I wish I had a video of the double steal of Stubbs & Bourn but, alas, it is not to be found. Cool thing that they brought in Stubbs for McAllister and he was able to do some damage and stay in the game, while they put the reliever Cody Allen in Ryan Raburn's spot.

So yeah - McAllister was teh awesome, not giving up any hits or runs until the 6th where he seems to have lost up two singles and a double, resulting in 2 runs to tie the game.

But! In came Stubbs and up went the double steal. Then later came Kipnis who was ON IT tonight, putting some well-timed bat behind Speedy and Speedier and driving in both guys (with a close play at the plate. Ooh!) Our guy went 3 for 4 on the night and got 3 RBI!

I wonder if it's just the young single guy (Kipnis) who can relax in Miami? While all the old married dudes are just spending a lot of time feeling tense. And married.

Bourn and Stubbs weren't too shabby at the plate, by the way. I mean, you gotta get on base to steal bases! Bourn went 2 for 4 with a walk and came around to score every time he was on! Stubbs went 1 for 2.

Cabrera, Raburn and Aviles all got hits too but tonight it was all speed + Kipnis. At least we have one thing that Detroit doesn't have! (That and crushing debt.)

That's all for my wrap-up. I am dead tired.

Tomorrow is the rubber match in Miami, with Kazmir versus RHP 3.47. I hope we can have another easy win like we did against Chicago in our last game. Scrapping to get runs against Miami is just so not fun.

Radio chatter is sadly cut short today because my archive cut out. But you should TOTALLY try to catch Sunday's game on the radio because Tom Hamilton is freaking the heck out about the fact that Miami is Miami. The stuff that's offending him about Miami is hilarious and he is not shy about saying it! I couldn't even write it all down if I tried. So here's a little bit but really, check it out Sunday - it's a real hoot.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Ideal weather conditions when you've got a retractable roof. And the air conditioning bill is monsterous."
- Tom Hamilton

"I tell you what, if you breathe incorrectly he'll throw you out of the ballgame."
- Tom Hamilton on umpire Angel Hernandez

"There must be a shortage of fabric in Miami. It really seems like all of the women here are not able to buy dresses and blouses that fit them."
"Not that you were noticing."
"No, no..."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus

"Put it this way...if they walked out on the street like that in downtown Cleveland, they'd be arrested. Here, they're allowed to dance and everyone's like 'Oh yeah that's Suzy, she's our next-door neighbor.'"
- Tom Hamilton

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