Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yankees Make Me Angry

Not a positive post today. Couldn't muster it.

First off, Asdrubal is hurt. I got through most of 2010 with him being hurt, and he's not going to be hurt like that again, but thinking that we'll be missing him for even several innings makes my stomach churn.

Second, Carlos Carrasco lost his panache for a bit. I'm not calling him "done" because that'd be absurd. But I really look forward to him pitching and today I just listened in with my jaw dropped and my head shaking.

Third, we played so well against the Yankees yesterday and it was real fun. Today we gave up some runs due to a missed play and it was awful. There were 7 hits and 4 walks and 8 left on base. Crummy.

Fourth, final, and ultimately I was pretty turned off by the radio call of this game. It's bad enough to hear cheering on the radio and not know whether it's the Tribe or the Yankees being cheered in our own fucking stadium...but Hammy, Hegan and Rosie were seriously up the Yankees ass today. More than I've ever heard.

I know Hammy loves good baseball and our team was not playing good baseball tonight but the entire 3.5 hours sounded like an ESPN broadcast. Or even a local New York broadcast. It was pretty tiring.

I wonder if CC offered to take the entire broadcast crew out this afternoon for a nice steak at Red or something. Because Hammy just could not say enough about how great CC is, how athletic he is, how he feels about pitching in Cleveland, how he was more nervous to pitch in Milwaukee than Cleveland, how amazing his strikes are and if I had been paying more attention I may have heard talk about what a fantastically large cock he has.

Derek Jeter apparently is most deserving to play in the All Star Game over Asdrubal, because he is Derek Jeter. And he's a super nice guy. Super nice. He's got more hits than any Yankee ever, or something. Will he get his 3000th hit here? You should come to the game tomorrow to find out! He only needs 4 more! He could totally do it because he is just so amazing and a super nice guy.

Curtis Granderson, he's just so good against the Indians. Can you believe it? He's hit two more home runs off the Indians tonight! Oh, that Curtis Granderson, he's such a good home run hitter isn't he?

Jorge Posada is so good at hitting a baseball. I can't believe he's only hitting .241. It's so hard for him not to be a catcher anymore and just DH. That makes it hard for him to get a better average. He's pretty great, though. We all expected him to go 2 for 3 tonight, eh?

No Radio Chatter tonight because fuck those guys. I spent most of the game banging my head against the wall as they went on singing the praises of some other team. They'd better get their shit together and stop fanwaking over the Stankees and get back to talking about Indians baseball. That whole broadcast was pathetic.

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