Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Over the Heartache

No, I'm not over heartache for good. I'd have to move out of the Cleveland area, right?!

Naw I mean that I was really bummed a few minutes ago, at the end of the game there. With the big buildup and the crushing end. Super sad.

But I'm over it already because I'm looking at the box score and thinking about the game as a whole and feeling pretty good.

First off let's give some major applause to Justin Germano who had a perfect game in Columbus tonight. Only the 5th perfect game in 120 years of the International League. Seriously. DAYUM!

All right, so...Josh Tomlin. EIGHT innings! Seven of them were scoreless! Only 4 hits, 1 walk and eventually 2 runs in the 8th. LOVE IT! We really needed that from him tonight. He did exactly what we needed. Even the two runs were ok really.

He gave up 4 hits and Jared Weaver, who started the All Star Game and a 1.81 ERA gave up 7 hits and 2 walks and only went 7 innings. Which starting pitcher won the battle of starting pitchers tonight? Josh Fuckin' Tomlin is who!

Speaking of Columbus, our Sprouts showed up tonight for real. Carrera, Chisenhall and Kipnis all had hits. Kipnis with a double (off Jared Weaver!) and Chisenhall with the most be-you-tiful bunt ever in the 9th.

Also showing up tonight were our power guys Hafner, Santana and LaPorta. Carlos Santana actually got TWO hits after coming in to the game 1 for 15. It was LaPorta who went long tonight, scoring the Tribe's only run with a solo homer.

Unfortunately it was left up to LaPorta and then Kipnis at the end of the game there and...well neither the sprouts nor the power guys pulled through.

Our defense was tight again tonight. Nice stuff going on in the infield and Brantley is making up for lost time out there in left, running around and catching balls.

All in all I think we played very well, top notch, exactly as we had to be versus Weaver. We just fell slightly short. If a lineup with 3 just-off-the-bus guys and our low-level starter can do all they did tonight, then I am quite satisfied with tonight's game and look forward to seeing the team improve from here through September.

Tomorrow's game is a nooner. I hope to see a lot of folks wowing me with the ability to get off work at noon for baseball! It'll be our new favorite pitcher David Huff versus some dude named Ervin with a Creepy Beard.

By the way did you know the game was on Channel 3 today? I didn't, until the 8th inning. I opted for radio instead. Too bad because they didn't put Lonnie's 9th inning bunt up on the video clips. But right after that I tuned in. And watched the sadness.

See you tomorrow!

Radio Chatter:
"How many time have you been watching an NFL game and wondered if a touchdown was scored, and the referee lifted one pinky to signal a touchdown?"
- Tom Hamilton

"The best thing for the Indians about Jared Weaver tonight is this is about to be pitch 90 for him."
- Tom Hamilton

"Eric Wedge has shaved his mustache to try to turn things around with this losing streak. If they lose tomorrow he might be as bald as a cucumber."
- Tom Hamilton on the Mariners

"Some people are chanting 'USA.' Somebody must have bought a brat[wurst]."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you're Jordan Walden...you may have short-term memory loss but you may also have short term memory recall."
- Tom Hamilton after Angels reliever Walden seemed to be breaking down in the 9th for the second day in a row

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