Friday, June 13, 2014

Our Little Shining Stars

I don't have much to say about this game today, because I am running out of time. I'm participating in a garage sale on Saturday and OMG DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME THAT TAKES??? It takes hours, days. It takes a lot of time. Especially when you're in the baby clothes racket. Anyway, I just have time for a few sentences.

And those few sentences, like many sentences, will be about Michael Brantley (.313) and Jason Kipnis - our little shining stars in an otherwise barren sky over 3 days of baseball.

Despite the fact that there was no one around them to help them get home, our little stars got 4 hits between them, including a double (Brantley) and 2 RBI (Kipnis).

Brantley has a modest 4-game hitting streak, but with all the excitement over the-guy-who-was-strangley-left-out-today, no one noticed he has had 8 hits in those 4 games.

And Jason Kipnis, who came back on June 1, has played in every game since then and hit in every game but his first game back. That's a 10-game hitting streak for him with 14 hits and 9 RBI.

He also got a hair cut:

Those two weren't the only ones to hit today. For instance, Yan Gomes who sometimes elates us and sometimes leaves us hangin' got 2 hits today - elation! But he was REALLY left out there in the cold, because guess who is back and batting before him?? Yeah, him.

Raburn and Aviles got singles, and Santana of course got a walk. But there were just way too many holes tonight, too many guys stranded along with too many guys not on base at all. It was no good.

Tomlin was the pitcher by the way. He wasn't so good. Neither was Hagadone who was good for a minute but suddenly is not someone to look forward to. Carrasco, on the other hand, had another scoreless 2 innings. So that's neat.

Let's hope now that we're done with John Lester we can get back to humiliating the Red Sox! Onward and upward!!

Tomorrow it's another 7:05 game with our new-old favorite Justin Masterson on the mound against RHP 3.18. Hooray - rightie!

I'll see you there, while I'm tagging, tagging, tagging away...

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