Monday, June 16, 2014

Everybody Have Fun Tonight!

Man, I have been so STOKED for this homestand. I suppose it has to do with how much better the Tribe does at home than on the road this year. But the weather has been nice and the Central is a tight race and football & basketball & hockey are over now for a minute (except there is always, always Manziel) and it's BASEBALL time now in Cleveland and I'm ready to watch the people watch the Tribe.

Every day I am finding myself totally excited for the upcoming game. And that's the way it should be!

Anyway, today it was Trevor Bauer time. I love that this kid comes off as so cocky. For some reason I think his sideburns and and his high socks make him look cocky hahaha I mean he's not killing it on the mound, but he does have some stuff to back up that cockiness. Part of being cocky is not being afraid and that means that you can tell Terry Francona "hey man, I'm going to go back out there for the 7th, all right?" and Terry Francona does it even though it means you throw 120 pitches.
Do these pants make my butt look self-assured?

It was the first time in 8 games that a Tribe starter made it that far into the game. Actually all he really ended up with was the far end of a quality start. Six and 2/3 innings, 6 strikeouts, 3 runs and 8 hits. Not one 1-2-3 inning but he kept going! And 3 runs is just fine, as long as your offense shows up. And today they did, bless 'em.

As if Bauer's performance wasn't cool enough, Carlos Carrasco came out to be the unlikely hero, pitching 2 1/3 innings to get the save! I really dig him out of the pen because he's just got length to spare in really weird situations. I mean, 7 outs - that could have been 3 relievers! But he came in to finish the 7th with a strikeout. In the 8th he walked a guy then had a strike-em-out-throw-em-out. He gave up a single but got the final strikeout to end the inning. And then a magical 1-2-3 9th! I mean, a Trout-Pujols-Hamilton 9th - woah!

Carrasco gave a post-game interview to Hammy and Rosie. Tonight was his first save in 11 years. No matter how much he ends up disappointing us as a starter, he always seems like a good, humble guy. Remember when he totally beaned that KC player in retaliation for something and got suspended for 5 games? Team player! He says he is just going to work real hard at any position he's in, and now he's in the bullpen so he'll work hard at being a great reliever. He's asking questions and learning every day. Much love, Cookie!

On the offensive side...The team only had 4 LOB today! They got 4 runs off of 6 hits. Low on hits and no 50% off at Papa John's, but at least dudes weren't being stranded!

Michael Bourn is glad to be back at home, yeesh! Dude went like 1-19 in Boston and came home and went 2-5, just like there was no slump at all.

OMG ASDRUBAL!!! Home run #7 wahoo! And suddenly he's found the patience, because other than the homer he walked twice and I can't remember the last time he walked! (8 days ago) His homer was a 2-run job.

Michael Brantley (.323) is the MLB player of the week! Because while his team was busy figuring out ways to lose miserably and win barely, Brantley has raised his already-high average 25 points with 15 hits in the week, including 3 doubles and a homer.

Then, because Cleveland can't have nice things, Michael Brantley didn't show up in left field. Mike Aviles did. There was a mild panic, and finally we found out that Brantley got a knee to the head when sliding into second. Hopefully his head is as strong as his will. BE OK, BRANTLEY!!!

Kipnis was shut down tonight, which makes me shudder.

But Carlos Santana! Whoop whoop! Dude got a home run, which turned out to be the game-winner! Still hitting under .200 but they say he has "quieted down" since his stint on the DL. Cool stuff but you really want a guy to come off of a concussion so relaxed?? Once again I heard him on the radio, and once again I was surprised that he has a Dominican accent and is not in fact a kid from Oakland. It gets me every time!

Anyway, Santana has almost as many hits as Brantley in the last 10 games (ok just 10 but still - how many you got??) and 9 RBI. On your way up, Like a boss!

Lonnie has been shut down for 4 games now, and I think it's giving me a rash on the back of my hand. But Jim Rosenhaus pointed out - while talking about Mike Trout, actually - that there's 162 games and even amazing players can't be amazing for all of them. So if Mike Trout is going to be slumpy, so can Lonnie. Just...not too much longer, ok?

Nick Swisher is still on our team. He hit a $15mm home run the other night. Whee.

David Murphy tried his hardest, but only got a walk tonight.

It was George Kottaras day! He went 1 for 3 with a bunt single, and threw a guy out at second, thus proving that he is a well-rounded player and a great Indian. For now. Opa!

Tomorrow is MORE BASEBALL!! It's Tomlin time! Has he straightened himself back out? It'll be Tomlin's mane versus RHP 4.19 and his beard. We love RHPs at home! And it's Puppypalooza, I believe.

The fun starts at 7:05, and I forsee a lot more runs in this game so start picking out your pizza. See you there!

Sorry, no Radio Chatter today. I don't even know what I was doing to miss any potential quips. I think it was just a lack of quips. Not me, man.

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