Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stumble and Fall

Just a quick blog post because I got stuff to do. I'm at work!

We were totally supposed to win this one today, but it didn't happen. That how baseball go.

Trevor Bauer was good, he had a quality start. Six innings, 3 earned runs. Seven strikeouts in those 6 innings - not bad!

Carrasco came out for the 7th, and Hagadone for the 8th. Nick making a nice transition back up to the bigs so far.

The bats were just dumb today. Except for Jose Ramirez, who was back again from Columbus. He went 2 for 3 with a double - the team's only multi-hit player, only multi-base hit and only RBI. The rest of the runs were on errors. 

Santana got another hit, so that's cool. A bona fide comeback?

Roberto Perez wasn't so hot AT the plate but he crushed it from behind the plate! Two caught stealing boyeeeeeee.

Kipnis and Murphy also got hits today. Murphy came around to score.

And that's it! Kind of hurts to dedicate an afternoon to a game and have it go so BLAH but sometimes it happens. Time for everyone to take their naps, catch up on some Orange is the New Black, and get ready for the 8:10 start against KC tomorrow.

It'll be Corey Kluber, thank God, versus LHP 2.66. me at the flagpole for a prayer circle beforehand. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"It's amazing how you can end up on a float."
- Tom Hamilton on his possible participation in the St. Patrick's day festivities

"'Day Baseball - It Works' That ought to be baseball's new motto."
- Tom Hamilton

"He raises his hands in the air as he crosses home plate, in one of the slowest home run trots you'll see for a guy who now has 6 home runs."
- Tom Hamilton on Arcia's homer

"The only thing people in Dallas knew was that you put it in your drink. They didn't know people were running on top of it."
- Tom Hamilton on hockey moving from Minnesota to Dallas

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